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1928 - 2020

Edinburgh City AFC

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Q & A page

If you need an answer to anything to do with the City Club  Just ask the Committee.

We will put forward your question to the committee on the next monthly meeting, we will post the reply on this page and the club notice board. 

So go on, lets get started.

(please note all questions are as they were typed on the question form)



Q2    From Alistair McPherson

         Why o why have a 3 year lease on god awful place?

         I feel it's for the people who, run the club's own benifit

A2    Sorry, not worth wasting our time on


Q1    From Brian Bonar

         What will the procedure be for members to enter the new premises ?

         Will it be a key or a swipe card ?

A1     All members will get a small key tag that fits on a key ring, wich you swipe at the entrance door

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